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Main Auction Room at USS Tokyo Japan- Car Sales Japan

Why not bid for your favorite vehicle(s) at USS auction and save thousands of dollars from local dealer prices.  We are a member of the USS USED CAR AUCTION SYSTEM, one of the largest auto auction networks in Japan, and the World.

We can act on your behalf in bidding for and buying your preferred vehicle at your desired price. We have a fantastic team of professional and experienced USS AUCTION agents that can talk you through the process, quote your preferred car C&F to your local port and answer any questions you may have. Your agent will also be responsible for checking your car personally at auction before the auction commences, ensuring quality and more important, no surprises!.

The CARSALESJAPAN team takes pride in our pre inspection service and believes we are the best in the business at this most important part of the process. We offer such ground breaking services such as full sets of photos from beside the cars BEFORE the auciton comences, no other auciton agents are currently offering this service and it is a huge advantage for our clients, why rely on a phone call form auction? (We will do this also of course, from right beside your target car) when a photos will tell you EXACTLY with the condition is.


Step 1. Select your vehicle(s)

Select the vehicle you wish to buy from our website – www.carsalesjapan.com If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us through the Inquiry page. Please tell us the Year, Make and Model of the vehicle you are looking for so we can quote accurately. We have a database of recently sold vehicles, 100 000s of prices to compare with your preferred vehicle, from this we can quote with in a 10% margin for the final price.

Step2. Estimate / Order your vehicle(s)

Once we have your order, we will quote and discuss the prices with you, once we are in agreement. we will start sending through updates of the available cars daily that fit your description. Generally, buy buying direct, you will save thousands of dollars off local dealer prices in your Country.

Step 5. Remit the deposit

Pay a deposit of 20% of your bid price or JP¥150,000 per vehicle (whichever is greater) by wire transfer (T/T). This deposit is for your first car ony, and as soon as we purchase your first car, the deposit will go on that. The remainder of the cars payment will be minus this first deposit.

Payments should normally be made in Japanese yen, but on request we may consider payment in US dollars subject to an extra charge for exchange rate fluctuations.

Step 6. Receive confirmation / Start bidding

We will email and call you to confirm your deposit remittance, and will send you updates of the available vehicles daily. This will be done by sending auciton sheets directly to your inbox. We can translate the japanese auction sheets that give a independent auciton inspectors report on the car. From here we can pick a car that will be a good target for bidding, we can also discount the cars that are not up to standard and are not worth going forward with. Your cooperation is needed at this time, as we will be calling from beside cars during the auciton pre-inspection and give a detailed report from beside the car. What makes carsalesjapan.com different from our competition is that we WILL check the cars at auciton on your behalf, and CALL YOU from the car, even going as far as taking photos for you before the auciton. Once we confirm the car is in the right condition for you, the client and you are happy with the car, we will confirm the bid amount with you and go ahead with the auction.

Step 7. Bid Result

A. Successful bid

When your bid is confirmed as successful, we will inform you immediately and email you an invoice showing the successful bid price(s) of the vehicle(s). If the bid is successful at a lower price, that price becomes the successful bid price mentioned above. Some times we can beat our quoted price at the auciton, is it an auction all the same, if this happens, we will pass on the savings.

B. Unsuccessful bid

If your bid is confirmed as unsuccessful, we will inform you immediately and ask you if you wish to bid for other vehicles. If you do not wish to bid again, your deposit will be refunded on request, but please note that applicable bank charges will be deducted from the amount. Generally, we will work on until we can fill your order. A week or two at the most depending on the vehicle and budget we are working for.

Step 8. Arrange the final payment

After a confirmed successful bid you will make full payment of the total amount or the balance after deduction of the deposit as shown on the invoice by wire transfer (T/T) within five(5) calendar days of the invoice date. If your payment is not confirmed by the due date, the sales contract will be deemed null and void, and your deposit will be non-refundable. To avoid this, please fax us proof of the T/T upon completion of the remittance procedures. The payment terms are negotiable BEFORE the car is purchased, please talk with your agent with regards to this.

Payments should normally be made in Japanese yen, but on request we may consider payment in US dollars subject to an extra charge for exchange rate fluctuations. We really do prefer JPY thank you.

For dealers who may buy from us on a repeat basis, we suggest that you pay the total amount and keep your deposit in our account so that Step 5 above can be skipped for subsequent purchases. This will save time and the money required to remit the deposit.

Note: All business in the used car trade in Japan is built on the basis of full pre-payment, and our terms of payment are not exceptional. We guarantee trustworthiness and satisfaction in all our services.

Step 9. Shipment arrangement

After receipt of full payment is confirmed, we will make arrangements to ship your vehicle(s) as per your order information.

Step 10. Receive documents

Upon completion of vehicle shipment, we will deliver the original bill of lading (B/L) and other documentation necessary for customs clearance by EMS, DHL etc.

Step 11. Delivery of vehicle(s)

Pick up the vehicle(s) at your port. Please be sure to bring all the necessary documents with you

If you have any questions with the above, please contact our staff directly at